Profession-Based Advertising

Raise brand awareness and generate high-quality leads by reaching only your target audience across all digital channels and devices.

Targeting Users Based on Their Profession

Precise’s profession-based advertising platform enables brands and agencies to target their desired audience. Utilizing a proprietary filtering algorithm, Precise leverages Big Data to identify a user’s profession, and targets them during their digital journey. This capability enables B2B advertisers to accurately communicate with their desired audience while executing a full funnel strategy to raise awareness, generate demand, engage professionals as consumers, and convert sales leads.

With today’s multi channel user experience being more complex than ever, Precise offers B2B advertisers an ability to capture their specific audience, and execute a cross channel marketing campaign within all stages of the marketing funnel . Our integration with all major Display, Native, Social, and Video networks, ensures our partners achieve scale, communicate a cohesive branding message, and recognize full funnel attribution.

Our Solutions:

Raise Brand Awareness

Reach professionals as consumers, and raise brand awareness for audiences that are most valuable to your brand.

Drive Website Traffic

Drive targeted profession-based traffic to your website, while achieving high CTRs and conversion rates.

Generate Leads

Grow your business with high-quality inbound leads for your sales team (SQLs & MQLs).

Build Social Presence

Boost your brand presence and engagement across social media channels. Develop brand personality to evoke an emotional connection from your target profession-based audience.

Amplify Content

Present your target market with content & digital assets (e-books & white papers) to raise awareness, build authority, and increase sales.

Full Funnel B2B Marketing

Engage your target audience at all stages of the funnel with cohesive messaging and ad sequencing opportunities.

Trusted By:

Target online users based on their profession

Serve your digital media based on your desired user’s profession across marketing channels with Precise’s proprietary filtering algorithm. Precise will work with your brand to digitally authenticate your prospects and ensure unparalleled access to profession based audiences unavailable elsewhere. With current industry-standard options solely relying on behavioral targeting (based only on site visitation patterns), Precise is breaking the mold and ensuring our partners reach their exact audience - not one that behaves like it.

Centralized media buy for all digital channels

Cross-channel targeting reaches your ideal audience across all channels and devices. Precise’s advertising platform identifies your desired profession-based audience segments at scale across desktop, native, mobile, social and video. Our omni-channel / omni-device solution reduces the clutter of working with multiple platforms, and centralizes your marketing efforts.

Guaranteed KPIs with proven marketing solutions

With over 140M impressions served, 600k clicks generated, and 10k qualified sales leads delivered, our team of marketing experts will guarantee campaign performance! Every digital media campaign is planned with a clear strategy and execution roadmap to reach partner’s success points. Whether your marketing goal is branding, content amplification, or inbound sales lead generation, our team of industry experts will execute and achieve your desired results.

Creative team augmentation

Driven by digital marketing expertise, creative prowess, and data-driven insights, Precise’s in-house creative services team is here to assist with your most challenging projects and expediting campaign’s time to market. With our client’s guidance, Precise assists with campaign conception, go-to-market strategy, design production, activation, and execution.

Full funnel attribution

Achieve full funnel attribution by tracking performance across all channels and devices by building a thorough understanding of your profession-based audience’s digital behaviors. Receive full visibility into the entirety of the digital ecosystem and leverage robust reporting capabilities.

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